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Fair Housing Tester


1740 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, IL, USA

Job Type

 Temporary, part-time, as-needed basis


Open Communities' mission is to educate, advocate and organize to promote just and inclusive communities in north suburban Chicago. We seek to dismantle housing discrimination in all its forms. Open Communities engages in activities that encourage fair housing practices, including housing counseling services, community education, and advocacy to make our communities more welcoming for everyone.

Job Description

Open Communities is seeking people to assist in investigating housing discrimination complaints. “Testers” pose as home seekers in various housing rental and sales situations and gather detailed information on the interaction. These details are written into formal reports and are one of the principal tools used to uncover illegal discrimination in our service area. 


 Temporary, part-time, as-needed basis.   Zero-hours/test assignments are guaranteed. 



What we look for in testers:  

•Participate in and complete the training program for fair housing testers, including refresher and/or supplemental training as required.  

•Conduct tests per test assignments and general testing guidelines.  

•Attention to detail and accuracy. 

•Excellent communication skills (oral and written). 

•Dependable and able to complete assignments promptly.  

•Must be computer literate. 

•Proficient with writing in English.  

•Able to be reached by cell phone/email. 

•Willingness to travel.  

We need a diverse team to test the various protected classes under fair housing law. We encourage applicants who identify as disabled, have minor children, and those who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, or another person of color to apply for this position. We also encourage applicants from countries other than the US, have Housing Choice Vouchers, have been impacted by the criminal justice system, are over 40, belong to minority faith groups, or are part of the LGBTQ community to apply.  

Belonging to any of these groups is by no means a pre-requisite to becoming a tester, and we enthusiastically encourage anyone interested to apply!    

Working Conditions

Why Work for Us?

COVID-19 Policy

In response to this new variant and concerns form staff, clients and board members, Open Communities has decided to move forward with a mandatory vaccination policy. As a condition of employment, all full-time, part-time, temporary, seasonal, on-call employees of Open Communities must receive a COVID-19 vaccine. 


To be compliant with this requirement, employees must do one of the following: 
• Provide Open Communities with proof of immunization within the specified timeframe. Proof of immunization must include a copy of documentation showing the vaccine was received, but it should not include any personal health information or family medical history information; or 
• Comply with the designated procedure for obtaining a permissible exemption as described in our full policy. If employee has an approved exemption, employee will not be able to work in the office with other vaccinated employees. They must continue to work remote.


 Flat compensation of $50.00 per completed phone test, $100 per completed in-person test. Initial 60 - 90 minute training (with accompanying practice test) also paid a flat rate of $100. 

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