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Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) with Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA)
Applications are no longer being accepted.

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The Illinois Emergency Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) 2.0 program is no longer accepting applications. The application portal closed on October 31st, 2023.

The Illinois Emergency Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) 2.0 provided up to $60,000 in mortgage assistance to eligible homeowners — paid directly to the servicer, taxing body, or other approved entity.


If you have already received ILHAF funds, we are here to help you navigate gathering the required documents and answer questions about ILHAF. Contact us to talk with one of our HUD-certified housing counselors.


Learn more on the Illinois Housing Development Authority's website.


Up To $60,000 Per Household To Pay

  • Delinquent mortgage payments

  • Mortgage reinstatement or other housing-related costs related to a period of forbearance necessitated by the pandemic

  • Delinquent property taxes

  • Delinquent homeowner's insurance and/or flood insurance

  • Delinquent Homeowner/Condominium/Co-Op Association fees

  • Delinquent mobile home lot rent

Note: Mortgage assistance is provided directly to the servicer/lender. This program does not cover utilities.

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The Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) is a federally funded program dedicated to assisting homeowners at risk of default, foreclosure, or displacement due to financial hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Homeowners with household incomes less than 150% of the Area's Median Income

  • Homeowners who own and occupy their property as their primary residence

  • Homeowners who are at least 30 days late on their mortgage or property tax payments

  • Homeowners who have experienced a financial hardship directly related to COVID-19 that began continued, or worsened after January 21, 2020

  • If you applied for and received funding from earlier ILHAF grants, you may apply for this one, too, as long as you did not receive $60,000 from ILHAF

  • If you applied for and were denied ILHAF funds, we encourage you to apply again, as some of the eligibility requirements have changed


The Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund (ILHAF) was created to prevent mortgage delinquencies and defaults, foreclosures, loss of utilities or home energy services, and displacement of homeowners experiencing financial hardship after January 21, 2020. 


Financial hardship means a material reduction in income or material increase in living expenses associated with the coronavirus pandemic that has created or increased risk of mortgage delinquency, mortgage default, foreclosure, loss of utilities or home energy services, or displacement for a homeowner. 


Do you need help with the online application or have questions about the Illinois Homeowner Assistance Fund? Contact us – we are here to help!

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