Housing discrimination and eviction are directly tied to homelessness. Your donation helps the victims of unlawful housing discrimination stay in their homes.
Housing is a human right; fair housing is the law.
Thank you for helping us, help them!

Donate Now

Monthly Donations

Amount What it will do
$20 Supports a monthly bilingual (English/Spanish) phone consultation for a client
$50 Supports a fair housing rights workshop to empower renters
$100 Supports clients who do not speak English or Spanish with on-going translation services

One Time Donations

Amount What it will do
$25 Provides materials for a fair housing workshop
$50 Provides one counseling session to help a homeless client find affordable housing
$100 Provides a discrimination victim a meeting with an attorney to understand their rights
$250 Provides counseling for an older adult facing foreclosure due to a reverse mortgage
$500 Provides representation at an eviction hearing – without representation, the average proceeding will last 90 seconds, and 98% of cases are found in favor of the landlord
$750 Provides pre-purchase counseling to first-time home buyers
$1000 Provides filing fees for a class action lawsuit representing at least 40 clients
$2500 Provides legal services and representation for a person facing discrimination in housing.
$5000 Provides costs of an entire eviction case with Attorney Representation – preventing a family from facing homelessness and a lifetime of housing insecurity